Assessment camp on 25-03-2014

Enrollment campaign

1. Rally

2. Awareness programme

3.Referral services

4.Medical Support

Anjalammal Special School providing free medicine support affected for epilepsy problem children. Now we give medicine all supporting 7 children with special needs for every month.

After the medicine support their epilepsy level is reduced and when they are trained regularly maintain their epilepsy level, and also general medicine like iron tonics cough syrups and all children, generics medicine.

5.Government Schemes and concession

Anjalammal Special School followed government schemes and concession for children with disabilities, Government provided Special Scheme and concession for CWD’ S like maintenance grant for MR children and national ID cad and etc.

We got 12 new Disability identity cards for children with disability and 15 children were benefited for maintenance Grant.

6. Received Aids and Appliances

Anjalammal special school has been providing Aids and Appliance to children with mobility problems. There mobility their children and become more independent and also solving their mobility issue problems.

We are network with government sector like DDRO Officer (District Disabled Rehabilitee Office) at chengalpet. We have received adaptive devices from DDRO Office at Chengalpet.

ANJALAMAL Special School for Mentally Challenged Children

Project Area

The proposed project will be implemented in the Tsunami affected areas in the 44 coastal regions from Kovalam to Kadapakkam which is highly populated by Fishermen community and followed by Dalits who fall on the last rung of the caste ladder.

Target Group

  • Disabled children (Mental Retardation children ) who fall on the following criteria are our target group for this project

Between the age group of 0-15 in project area are our Target people and they will benefit out of the proposed programme.


This proposed project is framed in a planned manner with the following as its objectives:

  • To work towards enabling the disabled children to develop the potential and face the world on equal terms. (Education, Rights and Health aspects)
  • To Ensure Four core values of human rights law in the context of disability
    1. Non Discrimination
    2. Self Determination and participation
    3. Equality of opportunity and Inclusion
  • Reaching out to children with disabilities in Tsunami affected areas from Kovalam to Kadapakkam with CBR ( community Based Rehabilitation )
  • Raising Awareness of, and Advocacy for the inclusion of persons with Disabilities in all activities in the community.
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